Faculty associated with the Decision Behavior Laboratory include:

Lehman Benson III

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Executive Director, Sports Management Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Management
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Organizational Justice
  • The Effects of Time Constraints and Stress on Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Negotiation
520.621.4146 office
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McClelland Hall 405LL

Terry Connolly

Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Decision making by individuals, groups and organizations
  • Emotion in decision making
  • Ethical decision making
520.621.5937 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405CC

Martin Dufwenberg

Eller Professor of Economics
Director, Institute for Behavioral Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Game Theory
  • Experiments
  • Behavioral Economics
520.626.1540 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 401N

Aleksander P.J. Ellis

Assistant Department Head, Management and Organizations
Stephen P. Robbins Chair in Organizational Behavior
Research Director, Center for Leadership Ethics

Areas of Expertise

  • The behavior of groups and teams in organizations
  • Counterproductive behavior, specifically unethical and deviant behavior in the workplace
  • Human resource management issues, including turnover and performance appraisal
520.621.7461 office
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McClelland Hall 405KK

Eyran Gisches

Senior Lecturer in Management Information Systems
Manager, Organizational Behavior Laboratory

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral operations management
  • Behavioral game theory
  • Interactive decisions in networks
  • Revenue management
520.621.4546 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430N

Tamar Kugler

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Eller Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Interactive decision making
  • Emotions and Decision Making
  • Inter-group conflict
  • Group decision making 
  • Trust
520.626.7788 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405BB

Jesper Nielsen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Joseph W. Newman Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  •  Consumer psychology
  •  Emotion
  •  Learning
  •  Attention
  •  Nonconscious processing
  •  Advertising
  •  Consumer welfare
520.621.4902 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320S

Lisa D. Ordóñez

Vice Dean of Academic Programs
McClelland Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Judgment and decision making with applications to management and consumer behavior
  •  Ethical decision making
  •  Negative impact of goal setting systems
  •  Emotions and decision making
520.621.2238 office
520.626.7334 fax
McClelland Hall 417

Amnon Rapoport

Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Dilemmas
  • Behavioral Operations Management 
  • Behavioral Game Theory
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Directed Networks 
520.621.9325 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405X

Oliver Schilke

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Assistant Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)

Areas of Expertise

  •  Trust 
  •  Organizational routines/capabilities
  •  Institutional theory
  •  Social cognition
  •  Collaborations (including strategic alliances)
520.621.1232 office
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McClelland Hall 405GG

Jerel Slaughter

Eller Professor of Management
Management and Organizations Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Recruitment and Applicant Attraction
  • Counterproductive and Unethical Behavior in Organizations
  • Pre-Employment Selection Tests
  • Decision Making in Recruitment and Selection
520.621.7632 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405JJ