Faculty associated with the Decision Behavior Laboratory include:

Lehman Benson III

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Executive Director, Sports Management Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Management
  • Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Organizational Justice
  • The Effects of Time Constraints and Stress on Judgment and Decision-Making
  • Negotiation
520.621.4146 office
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McClelland Hall 405LL

Terry Connolly

Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Decision making by individuals, groups and organizations
  • Emotion in decision making
  • Ethical decision making
520.621.5937 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405CC

Martin Dufwenberg

Eller Professor of Economics
Director, Institute for Behavioral Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Game Theory
  • Experiments
  • Behavioral Economics
520.626.1540 office
520.621.8450 fax
McClelland Hall 401N

Aleksander P.J. Ellis

Stephen P. Robbins Chair in Organizational Behavior
Research Director, Center for Leadership Ethics

Areas of Expertise

  • The behavior of groups and teams in organizations
  • Counterproductive behavior, specifically unethical and deviant behavior in the workplace
  • Human resource management issues, including turnover and performance appraisal
520.621.7461 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405KK

Eyran Gisches

Lecturer in MIS
Decision Behavior Laboratory Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral operations management
  • Behavioral game theory
  • Interactive decisions in networks
  • Revenue management
520.621.4546 office
520.621.8105 fax
McClelland Hall 430N

Tamar Kugler

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Eller Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  • Interactive decision making
  • Emotions and Decision Making
  • Inter-group conflict
  • Group decision making 
  • Trust
520.626.7788 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405BB

Jesper Nielsen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Joseph W. Newman Fellow

Areas of Expertise

  •  Consumer psychology
  •  Emotion
  •  Learning
  •  Attention
  •  Nonconscious processing
  •  Advertising
  •  Consumer welfare
520.621.4902 office
520.621.7483 fax
McClelland 320S

Lisa D. Ordóñez

Vice Dean of Academic Programs
McClelland Professor of Management and Organizations
McClelland Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise

  •  Judgment and decision making with applications to management and consumer behavior
  •  Ethical decision making
  •  Negative impact of goal setting systems
  •  Emotions and decision making
520.621.2238 office
520.626.7334 fax
McClelland Hall 417

Amnon Rapoport

Professor Emeritus of Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Dilemmas
  • Behavioral Operations Management 
  • Behavioral Game Theory
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Directed Networks 
520.621.9325 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405X

Oliver Schilke

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
Assistant Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)

Areas of Expertise

  •  Trust 
  •  Organizational routines/capabilities
  •  Institutional theory
  •  Social cognition
  •  Collaborations (including strategic alliances)
520.621.1232 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405GG

Jerel Slaughter

Eller Professor of Management
Management and Organizations Department Head

Areas of Expertise

  • Recruitment and Applicant Attraction
  • Counterproductive and Unethical Behavior in Organizations
  • Pre-Employment Selection Tests
  • Decision Making in Recruitment and Selection
520.621.7632 office
520.621.4171 fax
McClelland Hall 405JJ